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Loan Programs

We'll show you just how easy the mortgage process can be. Whether you're buying your first home, buying that vacation home or refinancing your existing home loan, we'll meet your specific needs with a wide array of mortgage products and services. Contact an Newcastle Financial Group mortgage professional today and find the solutions that you need.

Conventional Loans

Newcastle Financial Group is a direct lender & mortgage banker with a complete portfolio of competitive conforming and jumbo loan products. Your Newcastle Financial Group loan agent can access pricing for you instantly through our internet based pricing engine. Newcastle Financial Group also maintains a core group of brokerage and private banking relationships which allow the company to serve its clients with niche high balance jumbo loans. Newcastle Financial Group is a market leader in conventional mortgage financing.

FHA Loans

Newcastle Financial Group is a HUD approved, direct endorsed, full eagle FHA lender. Our FHA lending operations are second to none. Our seasoned team of agents, underwriters, loan processors and funders are well known for their ability to analyze, approve and fund FHA loans at competitive prices in a timely manner. Contact one of Newcastle Financial Group's loan agents and let us assist you with your FHA loan needs

Commercial Loans

Newcastle Financial Group has participated in the financing of hundreds of millions of dollars in securitized and un securitized commercial and multi-family loans. Please contact Joseph Lee for more information

Private Money Loans

Newcastle Financial Group understands that there are times when institutional financing options are insufficient or unavailable to meet the need of our clients. Newcastle Financial Group has sources for private money short term financing to address these times. Please contact Joseph Lee for more information.

Jumbo Loans

Newcastle Financial Group is both a banker and a broker of jumbo loans. Newcastle Financial Group has its own competitive mortgage banking jumbo loan product but we also recognize the need to augment our product with products offered by other private and regional bankers especially in the super jumbo arena. Newcastle Financial Group maintains a select group of broker relationships which allow us to offer these products to our clients. Newcastle Financial Group offers the best of both world's; the safety and comfort of a direct lender and the product availability of select brokerage.

VA Loans

100% financing available for Veterans, sellers are allowed to pay all closing cost up to 6%. Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing No Monthly Mortgage Insurance Flexible Underwriting Guidelines.



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